Photographs of DURABAK™ In Use

We put safety at your feet!

Durabak being applied
DURABAK™ should be stirred thoroughly before applying (preferably with an electric paint mixer).
Application can be completed by a single worker.

Durabak being applied
DURABAK can be applied with a brush or roller.

Apply DURABAK™ with special, open-foam stipple roller (available through COTE-L Industries or an authorized DURABAK™ dealer). Use only a DURABAK™ special stipple roller — other rollers will not pick up and spread DURABAK™ evenly. Rollers are available in 9" and 4" sizes.

DURABAK™ can be applied with a soft paint brush in two coats at right angles to one another. (DURABAK™ is not a paint, and should be laid onto the surface, in one direction, not brushed out as an oil or latex paint.)

Durabak being applied
DURABAK™ is in use in and around many public facilities. DURABAK™ has been spec'd by NJ DOT for curb ramp delineation in compliance with Americans with Disabilties Act requirements.

Durabak being applied
DURABAK™ is used on curb ramps in many residential areas for its protective, non-slip properties.

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